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Show Gardens

Show Gardens
Seeking inspiration for your own exterior spaces, then head over to The Show Gardens. Showcasing different themed gardens, it’s a hotbed for innovative and on-trend styles that will have your head swimming with new ideas. Check out the inspiration and designers behind the gardens below! 
Garden Party

The Garden Party 

The Garden Party, designed by The Skinny Jean Gardener brings together everything you need for the ultimate party with the family with a mix of Upcycler and DIY makes that you can do at home. Lee Connelly, The Skinny Jean Gardener has designed and created a space that during the day is a fun and useable space for the kids to play, an area that all the family can enjoy an afternoon bbq together playing games, and a place for Mum and Dad to have a drink with friends over to party in the evening.

It's time to party. Take a seat in the garden, enjoy some board games and play some lawn games too, maybe even a little round of crazy golf.

Lynne Lambourne

The Good Life Garden

This year Lynne Lambourne, Warrior on Waste and Sustainable Interior Designer will be using her knowledge on sustainable living, 'grow your own' and upcycling to create an inspirational garden. Lynne hopes to inspire us all to make the changes needed to reduce our use of the earth's natural resources and reducing our environmental footprint. The ideas shown in the garden aim to inspire a greener and happier life.

Lynne has chosen Boho as a key trend for her garden. Boho style is for those who want their gardens full of the good life, culture, and interesting items. This aesthetic flies in the face of modern sensibilities and embraces the carefree, the relaxed, and the unusual. In interiors and gardens, we no longer want things to be perfect to the detriment of the planet, we want to be creative and spare the earth’s natural resources. We want to use our gardens to take time out from our insanely busy schedules to re-centre ourselves.

Lynne's 'The Good Life Garden' will not only show you how to live more sustainably but why sustainable living is so important for the future of the planet and the joy that a sustainable lifestyle can bring to mental health and wellbeing.

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