21 March - 6 April 2025, Olympia Events, London



Our Sustainable Journey

Sustainable journey

At Ideal Home Show, we are committed to making a difference and delivering a more sustainable show. Discover our initiatives below and join us on our sustainable journey:

Our latest initiatives 

  • Our venue (Olympia) now recycle 98% of all waste.
  • All our event carpet is fully recycled
  • We now offer paperless ticketing 
  • We are limiting excess literature around the show
  • Sustainability Talks - to educate visitors on simple life changes that make a big difference
  • All event features and theatres are now re-used, nothing is single-use
  • All plants used at the show go to a new home after our show
  • All plants used at the show will go to a variety of locations after the event.

Sustainability is a responsibility we all share. Let's embrace it together. Please watch this space as we develop even more sustainable initiatives. 




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