11th - 27th March 2022, Olympia London



Kinetico's Water Experience

Kinetico’s Water Experience

‘Going plastic free’ is an easy concept, but how can it be done?

As the Official Hydration Partners for the Ideal Home Show, sponsored by NatWest, Kinetico have 7 water refill stations around the show and will take you on a water experience journey to discover how your home can be more sustainable.

Join Kinetico at their fully interactive Water Experience Centre and “Take the Taste Test Challenge” to discover the benefits of filtered water and find out just how easy it is to make small changes both in the home and on-the-go in a bid to reduce plastic waste. In addition, there will be a fun treasure hunt, giveaways, plus Kinetico will donate £1 to their charity “Just A Drop” for every re-usable Runbott bottle purchased during the event.

“Kinetico want people to rethink how they consume bottled water and believe the transportation and consumption of single-use plastic bottled water is irresponsible and damaging to the environment. To further promote our cause, we will demonstrate how easy it is to go plastic bottle free within the home and on the go.” Mark Nepstad, Managing Director, Kinetico URBAN.

Kinetico are delighted to have helped individuals and business take serious steps to going plastic-free, will you be next?

www.kinetico.co.uk | 0800 056 86 86

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