Ideal Home Show Living Birthday Cake

To celebrate the 110th birthday of the Ideal Home Show television gardener and Chartered Horticulturalist David Domoney will be creating a living birthday cake from spectacular plants.

This giant cake, which will be situated in the main entrance at Olympia, and tower above the exhibition. It will remain in place for every day of the show. The cake will be entirely clad using over 4000 plants varieties, creating a mix of foliage and flower as they wrap themselves around the vertical surfaces of the cake. Every plant sits in a pocket attached to the wall of the cake as part of a system that can be watered at the top, with excess draining to the plant below and so forth until each plant is hydrated.

DD 300w copy

David Domoney says:

“This project has been as exciting as it has been a challenge. The sheer size of the infrastructure needed to create the framework is a task on its own, but with a very tight build schedule, thousands of plants to go into position, and then keeping those plants alive inside a show environment for over two weeks - this project needs very special planning and construction”.

Celebrating 110 years of the Ideal Home Show

This year join us as we celebrate our 110th anniversary. Before your visit, explore the history behind the show, from the fascinating facts to the varied features that have appeared at the show. Over time we will continue to add more from the archives that stretch over the past 100 years, and most of the 20th Century! Read more