11th - 27th March 2022, Olympia London




At Kinetico, we believe life is better with better water.

Founded in 1970, we pioneered the first non-electric, twin-tank, fully automatic water softener.

With over 1 million customers worldwide, our innovative technology and strong commitment to customer satisfaction have positioned us as an industry leader. Manufacturers of water softeners and drinking water systems, our products conform to stringent third-party certifications, are endorsed by leading institutes and offer the most comprehensive warranties in the industry.

Hard water, enters a Kinetico Water Softener loaded with resin beads. A process of ion-exchange takes place, whereby calcium and magnesium minerals are attracted to resin beads. Softened water is then available on demand, 24/7. When the resin beads are full of hardness minerals, the system performs a process of regeneration, cleaning the beads with a brine solution.

Kinetico systems have two tanks, while one tank is being cleaned the other is busy softening the water, seamlessly switching from one tank to the other - at no point allowing hard water to enter the household!

The system is non-electric, powered only by the kinetic energy of moving water – adding salt to make the cleaning brine solution every few weeks is all you have to do!

Kinetico UK Ltd distributes and services residential, industrial and commercial customers in the UK via their network of authorised dealerships.

Kinetico are the Official Hydration Partner for this year's show. Discover them at their Water Experience Centre and stand H460 at the show. 


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