Three apartments reflecting three stages in life. As we move through life and our circumstances change so do our living choices. Climb the property ladder apartments to navigate first-hand the design and practical challenges faced by designers and city dwellers alike as they move from first time buyers, to starting a family, to downsizing later on in life.

The three apartments will be on three floors:

1. Ground floor (2 bedrooms) – New family home

The New Family Home apartment will showcase space-saving and child-friendly design ideas, while displaying innovative children-led designs that incorporate high chairs and cots.

2. First floor (1 bedroom) – First time buyer

The design of this apartment will reflect the needs of the first time buyer – where up-scaling and cost-effective design solutions come to the fore.

3. Second floor – Downsizing home

At the top floor of the Property Ladder Apartments, the Downsizing home brings a new set of challenges and features. Hobbies, practicality, and spending more time in the home are considered, all while maintaining a high level of design excellence.

The Property Ladder Apartments have been styled by Chichester College’s Level 3 Architecture & Interior students. As part of their course all students were asked to develop concept mood boards for each of the rooms which were shortlisted by a panel of judges. The winners have gone onto source soft furnishing and accessories as well as choose products from key suppliers. The Ideal Home Show is proud to be working in conjunction with Chichester College to support the future of the Interior Design industry.

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