Nestled in the Bedfordshire countryside is a hidden gem - a gothic-inspired mansion house complete with Victorian glasshouse and walled garden. This is Shuttleworth College, and it has been the inspiration for Shuttleworth College's Show Garden this year.

They are recreating the golden era of the Victorian gardener in a contemporary setting appropriate to this second Elizabethan era. The geometric brickwork that features so prominently on site has evolved into the shape and design of the floor of their quaint glasshouse, and has influenced the shape of the planters and seating area. The plants in their Walled Garden, maintained by the students, has guided tjheir planting design.

Seamlessly blending tradition with sleek modern sophistication, Shuttleworth College's garden is sustainable and eco-friendly, conquering the concrete streets of London to provide a haven of colour and charm, as well as a planting scheme that attracts bugs and bees to their garden. With an array of edible plants which can be taken straight to the kitchen, their garden minimises waste. Achieving this within a budget of £1000GBP also makes it an accessible option for homeowners nationwide.


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