Edible Avenue

Pershore College have created a front garden that encourages a spirit of community in a world where we hardly talk to our neighbours anymore. The garden is designed to welcome you in with open arms and to invite you to enjoy and share the produce that is grown there – whether that be a dash in for a handful of herbs, or to sit and chat over a cuppa.

The garden will be inviting from all angles to encourage friendly relations between neighbours. The design makes most of the small space by using height to increase the opportunities for planting, and to allow a range of edible plants to be cultivated. They believe that this encouragement to share will help create positivity and friendships within the neighbourhood. A seating area has been included against a corner raised bed, as we believe that front gardens should be used for socialising just as much as a back garden.

A high proportion of the planting in the garden is devoted to edibles: salad and vegetable crops can be grown in the raised wooden planters, plant tower, and troughs suspended from the posts that form the side boundary of the garden. There is even room for a small fruit tree in the central raised planter. Elsewhere planting is designed for year-round interest – especially in the raised bed against the house, where colour and scent can be best appreciated.

Materials used in the garden aim to create a soft, sustainable and natural feeling that will complement the edible planting theme. Raised planters are made from timber, allowing a range of different sizes to be tailor-made to fit the garden. Beige paving slabs at the entrance to the garden create a hard-wearing and durable surface that is ideal for trundling a wheelie-bin over. A step leads up to the seating area which is constructed from timber decking and aims to create a softer, more inviting feel close to the house. The wheelie bin is hidden from sight at the front of the garden in a bespoke storage unit that allows easy access from both sides for filling and to move it ready for collection.

The unit also includes room for storage of tools and materials so that these are always on-hand. We also imagine the garden being SUDS compliant, with a water tank hidden beneath the decking to recycle rainwater and keep the planters irrigated.

The colours used in the garden are bright and cheerful, continuing the friendly theme and making it a welcoming place to garden, chat with passers-by, or just sit and relax. Our hope is that this will be a garden that will make passers-by smile, slow-down, and say “hello”.


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