The Urban Transition Zone Garden

Chichester College students design concept is based on the awareness that in todays 24/7 urban lifestyle we can visualise our front gardens as an important transition zone between work and home. Their Show Garden, which is based on sustainability and nature, gives a chance to re-evaluate our thinking as we enter our home, and to cross the doorstep energised and with a different outlook on life.

Incorporating nature is a key part to their design because many habitats are destroyed when front gardens are replaced with driveways. Their design consists of many habitats for insects and animals, including a pond, hedging and bug hotels. The theme of nature creates a sense of harmony in the garden and the small seating area and sympathetic planting can be used to soak up its tranquillity in this relaxing, but thought-provoking environment.

Sustainability was another big focus for them. Using materials sourced locally from their own college campus emphasises that knowing the provenance of the resources and materials increases sustainability, but also gives them a sense of ownership. They have a log shed which is used to not only disguise the bin, but to also store locally sourced firewood. They are demonstrating a clever use of space by building upwards with wood from our rural campus to create three pergolas and other features.

They have enhanced the planting options in their garden by planning a relaxing foraging route from the gate to the front door where herbs, microgreens and aromatics can be harvested to re-programme our mood in the transition from work to home in an urban environment.


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