The Katie Piper Foundation is delighted to be welcomed into the Ideal Home Show family once again as our Official Charity Partner! Since the last show they’ve spent the money raised on three people having medical tattooing, a young lady’s hair replacement and enabling many face-to-face appointments between Katie and people who are coming to terms with new scars.

We all love to feel at home and enjoy making it a place of happiness, hence how enjoyable the Ideal Home Show is. People who’ve survived burns and live with scars deserve to feel at home... in their own skin. The Katie Piper Foundation helps to make that a reality.

Your donations on ticket purchases or on show days mean that they can offer special services. They empower burnt and scarred people in the UK to gain independence, avoid isolation and have an improved quality of life. Only with your support can they offer peer mentoring, free treatments and group learning so that people with scars can go on to thrive.

You’ll find their amazing volunteers selling raffle tickets, collecting donations and answering your questions about the charity at the London and Manchester shows.