Avko Interior is an independent, high quality British paint supplier specialising in unique, luxury interior paint finishes that are suitable for interior walls and woodwork. They are proud to be based in Hamble in Hampshire and their products are sold solely through their online store - www.avkointerior.co.uk.

Avko Interior are delighted to be the Official Product Placement Partner of the Property Ladder Apartments sponsored by Barclays, The Rotating Home and 21st Century Cottage.

They have been working closely with Chichester college students who have designed the interiors using a selection of paints from their beautiful Hampshire Heritage Collection, of which there are 136 colours to choose from, and their luxury feature paint collections Madreperla and Sharazade.

Their Avko Interior Blue is in need of a name!

Choose a name for their famous Avko Interior Blue and watch it go to production and truly come to life. It’s easy and free to enter.

Visit www.avkointerior.co.uk before the 20th June.