Karen Haller is a global authority in the field of Applied Colour Psychology furthering the philosophy and practical application of human centred and biophillic design. Her work focusses on using these principles in the built environment to elicit positive psychological responses.

With over 20 years of experience studying and working with colour she has developed a unique ability to show her how psychology informs design. When it comes to the design process Karen believes it starts with understanding the authentic personality whether that is of an individual or a business, revealing the colours and design that expresses their true identity.

Karen is regularly featured in the UK’s leading magazines, newspapers, radio and TV. She is a published author, consultant, tutor and speaker on the subject of colour psychology, colour association and colour in culture.
Karen is a co-author of the leading industry book Colour design: Theories and applications, the first of its kind bringing the arts, science and applications together. Karen was commissioned to write chapter 20 - Colour in interior design, discussing the use of colour in both residential and commercial interiors. She is currently writing her own book on colour coming out later this year.

As a teacher and trainer, Karen works globally with design professionals to advance their colour training through her mentoring programmes and CPD courses.
Karen is a trustee of the Colour Group of Great Britain, an Industry Partner of the British Institute of Interior Design (BIID) and on the charity Color Cares advisory board.