In consideration of the Driver being permitted to drive or be carried as a passenger in cars either supplied, hired or otherwise made available by Hyundai Motor UK Limited, the Driver agrees to abide by all terms and conditions set out in this document. The driver confirms that he or she has read and has understood its contents:

  1. The Driver confirms that he or she is the holder of a current UK driving licence permitting him or her to drive motor cars on United Kingdom highways and that he or she is over the age of 25 years of age and not older than 75 years of age. Drivers must have held a valid full licence for a minimum of 1 year. Drivers with 9 points or more on their licence or having had a major driving offence or claim within the past 2 years will not be able to participate in this ride and drive event.
  2.  The Driver hereby declares that he or she is in good health, that his or her eyesight is of the standard required for the U.K. road driving test and that he or she is not suffering any illness or disability which may make it unsafe for him or her to drive.
  3.  The Driver accepts that he or she shall be solely responsible for any decision as to his or her fitness to drive and that if at any point he or she is not fit to drive he or she shall cease to take part in the ride and drive event immediately. The Driver confirms that no alcohol has been consumed on that day, nor that they are under the influence of any drugs that may affect his or her ability to drive.
  4. The Driver will at all time during the ride and drive event, drive with reasonable care and the Driver hereby agrees to indemnify fully Hyundai Motor UK Limited, their representatives, agents and servants against any action or claims for damages (including costs) which may be brought against it, and or its representatives, agents and servants arising out of any reckless or irresponsible driving on the part of the Driver.
  5. Hyundai Motor UK Limited will use all reasonable endeavours to ensure that every event vehicle has been properly maintained and is in a safe and roadworthy condition.
  6.  The Driver co­­nfirms that should he or she have any cause for concern as to the roadworthiness or safety of any vehicle, he or she will bring the matter immediately to the attention of a Hyundai Motor UK representative. In the event that a vehicle has a failure during a test drive, the Driver will immediately notify the event organiser or Hyundai Motor UK Assistance. At no time should the Driver attempt to rectify the fault or access the vehicles engine or electrical systems.
  7.  We may use photography and video's of the event which you may be included in. We may publish these on websites and in the public domain to showcase the event. If you have any concerns with this then please make yourself known to a member of staff. Otherwise this may be published without any further consent and the signing of this form will be taken as consent.
  8. Hyundai Motor UK Limited reserves the right to terminate forthwith any Drivers involvement in the ride and drive event at any time and for any reason.
  9. You are liable for any penalty, fine or fixed penalty in relations to offences committed during the Test Drive.
  10. That you will not smoke in the vehicle.
  11. That Hyundai accepts no responsibility for any personal effects or belongings left in the vehicle or lost or damaged during the Test Drive.
  12. That you will wear a seat belt properly fastened and to abide by the driving and safety requirements and provisions of the Highway Code/Law at all times during the Test Drive.
  13. That you will follow the designated routes and obey all instructions from Hyundai or those employees/authorised agents responsible for running the Test Drive. Unnecessary stops and deviations from the designated routes are not permitted and if you fail to comply you may be prevented from driving further.