Making your home attractive to buyers and increasing ‘Kerb Appeal’ is a necessity, first impressions are so important.

Kerb Appeal:
A term used to describe the allure of your property from the position which prospective buyers will first see it.

We’ve all discounted homes because we simply didn’t like the appearance of the exterior. So if you are considering selling your property this is key.

Does this matter?
Yes! Commonly on Zoopla listings, the ‘lead’ image is a front exterior shot. It’s the first of the photos to appear in search results and its purpose is to get potential buyers attention. If this is not engaging, your online listing may prove to be ineffective in helping to sell your home.

If kerb appeal is not maintained this could lead to disappointment when potential buyers arrive for property viewings, causing a negative start to the viewing.

Top Tips for maximising Kerb Appeal:

1. Front Door
The entry portal into the home – give wooden doors a fresh coat of paint or clean down plastic/composite doors to restore whiteness. Polish metal letterboxes, house numbers & door knockers for a refreshed appearance.

2. Driveways and Patios
Use tools such as a pressure washer to remove any grit, grime and dirt from driveways and patios.

3. Boundaries
Where does the property start and end? Make this obvious and attractive. Give fences and gates a coat of varnish; re-paint any metalwork for polished area.

4. Greenery
Whether a budding gardener or not, greenery makes everything look more enticing. Freshen up your front garden with potted plants and hanging baskets – lucky enough to have lawn/trees? Ensure they are clipped, tidy and neat.

5. Perfection
The following aren’t your responsibility, when selling your home it makes sense to keep the surrounds neat – picking up litter etc. If a neighbouring house needs work, you might offer to help them with the garden, or work together if having major work done and share the cost?

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