Discover Lindt Excellence and experience a little taste of luxury, crafted by the Lindt Master Chocolatiers.

Since 1845, Lindt’s Master Chocolatiers have followed their passion for chocolate all over the world, seeking out the finest-grade cocoa beans and combining them with carefully selected ingredients. Using these beans and their own unmatched flavour expertise, they created the luxuriously intense Lindt Excellence, with a unique multi-layered tasting experience and famously smooth texture created by Lindt’s revolutionary chocolate-making process, ‘conching’.

Since the creation of the first bar, all variants of Lindt Excellence promise to deliver the same high quality cocoa, fine texture and rich aroma.

Find Lindt Excellence in the main entrance hall to sample a selection of the range. Experience the lift of a touch of sea salt, the ‘bite’ of orange or the balance of bitter and sweet in classic recipes such as Excellence 70%. 

On Easter Sunday (1st April) you can also take part in our chocolate and wine pairing masterclass, hosted by Tom Forrest, and go home with expert knowledge of how to elevate your evening. With wine’s abundance of flavour characteristics and so many delicious Lindt Excellence flavours, the potential for wonderful chocolate and wine combinations is endless.

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