Enjoy lunch and Afternoon Tea fit for royalty in The Royal Restaurant! Our restaurant will be royal-themed this year in honour of the Royal Wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle taking place on 19th May 2018. To mark the occasion, we're going to be adding some of the Queen's favourite delicacies from sandwiches to cakes and teas!

Afternoon tea and 3 Course lunches are available to book in advance, saving 25%! Booking on the day will be £5 more, so why not book online! 2 courses will also be an option available for walk-in booking.

A History of Afternoon Tea

To celebrate the royal occasion, we've taken a look back to where afternoon tea first began...

The very British ritual of ‘Afternoon Tea’ came from Anna Maria Russell, the seventh Duchess of Bedford, one of Queen Victoria’s Ladies of the Bedchamber and a lifelong friend. Anna, who was too hungry to wait for dinner – requested a little bit of bread with butter, biscuits and cakes, to enjoy with a customary cup of Darjeeling tea.

She invited her friends to her dressing room and when The Queen learned of this activity, she instantly loved the idea. Victoria herself enjoyed having light cake with buttercream and fresh raspberries, later known as Victoria Sponge Cake – to accompany her precious pot of tea. This is where the tradition of Afternoon Tea was born!

Today, Queen Elizabeth II's Afternoon Tea at the Palace is usually served at 4pm with scones, cakes or canapés. Her favourite sandwiches are cucumber, smoked salmon, egg mayonnaise (with the crusts off!) and her favourite blends of tea are Earl Grey and Darjeeling. Her favourite sweet treat at the end tends to be honey and cream sponge, ginger, fruit and the chocolate biscuit cake that Prince William also chose to be served at his wedding reception, which will be on our afternoon tea menu!

Our afternoon tea follows all the rituals of the Queens, with some of the royal families’ favourite recipes.

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