lake render Final landscape 3 A first for the Ideal Home Show this year, we broke from the conventional and introduced The ARC by Green Unit. This is not your average Show Home, have you ever wanted a home that will eventually earn you money by selling energy back to the grid?

The unique and flexible arc modular building system™ makes it easy to specify your perfect home. ARCs can be built on simple foundations, hillsides, flat roofs and above-ground platforms – even over water. The interior can be configured to provide your ideal layout and room sizes, and all walls are soundproofed so you never have to worry about turning the volume up ... or finding sanctuary from the kids!

The ARC’s combination of high performance insulation, heating and ventilation systems ensure the air in your home is kept clean, healthy and at the temperature you require. With many different heating options available, every home can be completely unique for its owner. In summer the green roof is automatically irrigated to create a cooling effect, and ventilation systems can be fed with geo-cooled air to offer natural air conditioning.

The off-site construction methods mean your beautiful, new, planning-friendly home can be made, delivered and ready for you to move into within weeks of ordering.