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You can never have too much storage. Try these inventive ways of turning humble units and simple shelves into eye-catching features in their own right

From wardrobe walls to tree-shaped shelving - be inspired by these all-new sassy storage ideas

Team smart shoe storage with birdbox shelving

bird box shelving storage idea in a hallway decorated in yellow and white

Image: Oliver Gordon

Place slimline shoe storage against a hallway wall and hang three box shelves above. Look for quirky designs, like these birdbox shapes.

Customise the boxes and wall with a painted decoration in co-ordinating pastel shades. Yellows and greens are fresh and inviting in a hallway space.

Introduce the same colours on cushions and accessories for the shoe storage.

Pick freestanding furniture for a mix of open and hidden storage

freestanding furniture as a storage idea in a living room

Image: Nick Pope

Keep a look open and airy by choosing freestanding furniture that incorporates open shelving as well as cupboards.

Use shelving on coffee tables and wall units for decorative items that add interest and cupboards for bits and pieces you want easy access to but prefer to hide from view.

Go for chunky, rustic styles that don’t need to be kept meticulously tidy.

Build a wardrobe wall that divides a bedroom

a wardrobe wall in a bedroom as a storage idea

Image: Mark Scott

Position a run of wardrobes and a bed back to back in the centre of a room to create designated dressing and sleeping areas.

Hang wallpaper on the back of the wardrobes and co-ordinate bedding, accessories and wall paint to match. Bring in box storage to function as side tables.

Colour co-ordinate box bathroom shelving

clever built in bathroom storage on a wall to store towels, products and other sanitary ware

Image: Oliver Gordon

Go for freestanding rather than fitted storage in a bathroom. Choose geometric box styles that echo shop displays for a truly modern look.

Add painted backdrops in three or four accent shades and alternate alcove accessories between the practical, such as towels and mirrors, and the decorative, such as ornaments and candles.

Team with a chequerboard floor and bright flower shower curtain for a magnificent look.

Fit over-desk wall shelves

shelving over desk storage solution in a home study decorated in purple

Image: Oliver Gordon

In a small home office, worktop space is at a premium so hang a set of storage shelves on the wall directly above.

Paint the wall an inspiring shade and the desk and shelves in a complementary colour. Bring in pops of pink on lighting, accessories and stationery for a cheerful scheme conducive to work.

Track down unusual designs for children’s rooms

clever storage tree idea in a baby room decorated in pastel shades

Image: Oliver Gordon

Keep an eye out for the quirky. Children love having something a bit different in their rooms and this grey shelving unit mounted on a tree-shaped cutout is certainly that.

Combine with coloured paper decorations, a yellow striped decorating scheme and pastel accessories for a look every child will love.

Make use of awkward spaces

under stairs storage ideas shelving nooks small spaces

Image: Mark Scott

Most of the time tricky areas under stairs, pokey alcoves and awkward loft corners are left unused.

Why not squeeze some storage in there? Hang shelving under stairs, staggered at different lengths to fit the space, and leave room below for floor-standing furniture.

Add a coat of whitewash to brighten up dark corners, or go for eye-catching colours that turn the space into a feature.

From the Good Homes Magazine editors.

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