The Not Forgotten Association (NFA) is thrilled to be chosen as the Official Charity Partner of The Ideal Home Show.

Founded in 1920 ‘for the comfort, cheer and entertainment’ of servicemen injured in WWI, the NFA remains true to its original principles, providing recreation, leisure and entertainment for serving personnel and veterans of any age who are wounded, injured, sick or disabled; whatever the cause.

Having a meal with friends, going to a concert, taking a holiday or simply watching TV are all experiences most of us take for granted. However, due to their physical or psychological injuries, illness, disability, age or isolation, many serving and ex-service men and women cannot enjoy these activities without some form of support.

Each of the NFA’s events and activities is designed to enhance wellbeing, restore confidence, boost morale and improve the chances of these individuals and their families enjoying a normal, if not better, life.

NFA volunteers will be on duty throughout the show, armed with information about those they help and all the events and activities they offer. The NFA will also have a stand, manned by their friendly team, ready to greet you throughout the show, and there will be plenty of opportunity to meet some of those they support.

For more information about the NFA, please visit their website.

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